Being happy where one lives

Advertorial – When our professional career comes to an end and retirement comes, our new free time allows us to pursue our passions, but also to enjoy the presence of our loved ones more fully and to forge new friendships. At Sélection Retraite, we believe in the importance of being well surrounded.

Being happy where one lives, having rewarding and fulfilling relationships – all this contributes greatly to our staying healthy. “Fundamentally, we are social creatures, says human relations coach Claire Foch. And research shows that our wellbeing, both mental and physical, as well as our longevity are strongly influenced by our relationships.” The transition to retirement is a crucial moment as far as our bonds to others are concerned, but also for our feeling of identity, according to Foch. “Retirement brings many changes in its stead, and it is easy to lose one’s bearings. Sometimes, we need to rebuild our social life entirely, and this can be quite a challenge.” This concept of keeping socially active is shared, not only by the Sélection Retraite, but also by its new ambassador, renowned actor, Michel Forget.

Being well surrounded
One of the advantages of moving to a retirement home is precisely the possibility of establishing new social bases, even if we are still independent, in good health and lead an active life. Whether we take part in the activities offered by the residence or prefer the quiet and privacy of our apartment, it is deeply reassuring to know that we are surrounded by people who share not only a lifestyle similar to ours, but also the same interests and passions. Some residences offer a rich and varied choice of activities. True, water gymnastics, walking or yoga are excellent for the body, but they also provide a great opportunity to start a conversation. “Extroverted people have no problem whatsoever connecting with others, Claire Foch points out, but some people find it easier to achieve this within the framework of an organized activity, like a game of cards or around a pool table. Meeting and sharing becomes part of the pleasure.” Sélection Retraite’s retirement residences across the province have areas dedicated to well-being: healthyID®.

A great meeting place
Sélection Retraite finds it important to prevent feelings of isolation among its residents. This is why every one of our retirement residences includes many areas where everybody is free to come and go as they please. The lounges, dining rooms, swimming pools, gyms, gardens, terraces, home theaters and libraries are all places where happy encounters are bound to happen. There are also private reception rooms where residents can host their friends and family on special occasions.

Your well-being, a priority
In its 45 complexes throughout the province, Sélection Retraite makes it a duty to offer its residents a life of comfort and freedom, thanks to a wide range of special attentions worthy of the most prestigious hotels. And, to make sure our clients enjoy their new life as fully and as long as possible, Sélection Retraite has developed the healthyID® program, relying on an active social life, physical and intellectual activity, healthy nutrition, the use of new technologies and the creation of environments adapted to our clientele.

Come and meet our advisors. They will tell you about our various offers over a cup of coffee, and you can even see by yourself where beautiful happens.

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