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Advertorial – Going beyond the road

Discover the remoteness and beauty of the Lower North Shore of Québec aboard the Bella DesgagnésRelais Nordik operates the cargo-passenger ship carrying both local passengers and tourists to coastal villages that are inaccessible by road. This unforgettable immersion into the lives of the Lower-North-Shore residents pleases adventurers in search of something different. In addition to ensuring the transport of goods and provisions for the local population, the Bella Desgagnés offers its passengers a cruise that is out of the ordinary. 

More Than a Pleasure Ship

The Bella Desgagnés is an essential service to many residents of Anticosti Island and the Lower North Shore of Québec. The road 138 ends in Kegaska and does not link communities of the Lower North Shore. For the locals commonly called The Coasters, the Bella Desgagnés is the road and a lifeline bringing freight, food, medicine, construction materials and pretty much anything you can imagine! This is not a traditional cruise and the Anticosti Island and Lower North Shore marine supply service is at the heart of the adventure. Guests are informed upfront that the primary purpose of the ship is to deliver cargo and thus delays are always possible.  Cargo operations determine the amount of time you will be able to get off to explore the 11 different ports it visits including Harrington Harbour with its wooden boardwalks and La Romaine, a French-speaking Innu community (Unamen Shipu). 

Safe, Comfortable and Modern.

Passenger amenities are very modern and comfortable; the cabins are equipped with two single beds, a private bathroom with heated floor, a television and a porthole or window depending on the category of cabin you choose. And the food! Enjoy the Chefs beautifully prepared three course meals featuring local products and seafood while admiring the panorama on the Saint Lawrence River. With only around 100 tourists per voyage during peak season, you will always be able to find a quiet spot to read or simply delight in the scenery.

Summer or winter cruise?

The Bella Desgagnés sails from April to January which gives you the opportunity to choose the most convenient moment to embark on a unique journey specific to each season. Observe marine life and enjoy shore excursions ($) in the summer months, see icebergs in the spring or sail through ice in the winter months at a fraction of the price of an Arctic cruise. You can embark this safe and modern ship from different ports of calls (Rimouski, Sept-Îles, Havre-Saint-Pierre and Blanc-Sablon) to sail to the edge of Québec and Labrador.

If you opt for the most popular voyage, you will spend seven nights on board for the round trip from Rimouski to Blanc-Sablon. Rimouski is served by the Mont-Joli airport, about 30 minutes away and the Québec airport, about 3 hours away.

Did you know there is another way to get to Newfoundland?

If your goal is to get to Newfoundland with your vehicle, your car will be placed in a container, lifted by a crane and boarded on the ship until you reach Blanc-Sablon. From there, a short ferry ride will bring you to St. Barbe located on the northern west coast of Newfoundland where you can continue your road trip!

Cindy Nadeau

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