12 Reasons to Visit Ireland

Advertorial – We asked our Craig Travellers and these are their top 12 reasons to visit Ireland, but there are so many more…

  1. Ireland is a safe destination
    No matter where we travelled, in busy cities, quaint towns or out in the countryside, we always felt safe.
  2. Everyone speaks English – and with a lovely accent!
  3. Outstanding food
    Throughout our Craig Travel journey we were treated to delicious cuisine – famous full Irish breakfasts and sumptuous dinners, all were simple, home-cooked and tasty. Irish chefs make delicious tummy-warming soups which is often served with bread and makes for a very filling and popular lunch dish.
  4. Pub culture
    Pubs can be found in every nook and cranny on every street in every town. They are a big part of Irish culture. Pubs are where one goes to meet friends and neighbours and spend time chatting about the news of the day, enjoying the music and sing-alongs and maybe heading to the tiny dance floor to dance a jig or two!
  5. Easy to get around
    The cities and towns are easily walkable. There is no great need to take taxis or buses to get around the main areas of the cities.
  6. It doesn’t always rain
    It is truly one of the greenest places on earth, but it doesn’t always rain. On some trips there, we had very little rain and when it did, it was usually at night. Don’t let stories of rain dampen your spirits about visiting the Emerald Isle!
  7. History
    Ireland today is descended from a rich cultural and genealogical mixture of many peoples who came, conquered and integrated, giving rise to the phrase ‘More Irish than the Irish themselves’. The rich history is filled with fascinating details of hard times, famine, wars and how the country came to fare today.
  8. Delicious Beer
    There’s plenty of opportunity to sample Ireland’s many famous beers and lots of not-so-famous ones. Try a Guinness Draft or a Beamish Stout for starters and go from there.
  9. Legendary hospitality
    Everywhere on the island, the Irish people are friendly, helpful, hospitable and simply a joy. Their down-to-earth style and eager-to-please attitude makes you feel welcome everywhere.
  10. Stunning scenery
    From the Giant’s Causeway to the Cliffs of Moher, to the quaint town of Adare, and charming Killarney, to stunning castles and green fields, charming towns and historic architecture and so much more, this truly is a destination that will blow your mind!
  11. Shopping
    Lovely woolens, cashmere throws, linen, lace, tweed, Belleek pottery, crystal, Irish whiskey… there’s something for everyone!
  12. Knowledgeable and friendly guides
    We can’t speak for them all, but Craig Travel’s guide, Brendan, is the best in the business: friendly, caring, very knowledgeable and truly enjoys hosting guests. You’ll want to go back and experience Ireland again in his company!

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